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International Photographer Franck Fokerman

 Welcome !

In the morning I applied myself to reproduce while trying hopelessly to make more beautiful what I had in front of my eyes.

At noon, at the time of school, my copies could take an artistic sense or not to be, regardless of the content.

There are a few hours, more fulfilled but still out of the frame, my diagrams and other Excel presentations became more artistic than graphics.

Having learned to listen and look at an age generally we do not more than listen, I discovered and am fascinated by what and those around me.

After more than 25 years in multinational broadcasting groups, it is naturally that I came to Photography , which struck me as the ideal viewing angle and through which I can, unpretentious, transmit positive and joyful vision, even in black and white.

My vision of Photography is

the Art of letting talk his Eyes with his Heart…


Franck D Fokerman


Trained in photography and photo editing at the INA (Institut National de l’Audiovisuel), in my capacity as Author-photographer, independant I work as well in the studio and on location and performs all type of shooting

– Reportage

– Events

– On stage, backstage shooting (TV, cinema, advertising)

– Fashion, fashion shows, studio

– Portraits

– Products promotion

– Pack shot

– Artworks…

I am equipped with Professional Full Frames Canon cameras (5D MkIII / 5DSR), all useful camera lenses, many studio and nomadic lighting solutions (monobloc torches, snoot, flashes, soft boxes etc) but also fixed light for your video projects.

I work as well on Photoshop CC to make edits on photographs using Mac Pro, Eizo calibrated screen, Wacom interactive graphics tablet and Pro A2 printer.

I travel worldwide to your liking, speaking fluent English and mastering Spanish.

I invite you also to visit my professional Facebook page Frank Fokerman – Photos

Furthermore, either directly to the studio, either through my partners, I master all of the graphic chain for your retouches and all sizes and media types prints.

Dynamic, creative and curious, I am at your disposal for any technical and artistical recommandation.

See you soon !

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